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In sharp contrast to the popularly–held belief, video games are not just another addictive form of entertainment and activity to occupy the mind. Quite a large number of people see video games as an impediment to their effective functioning as productive and responsible individuals. In truth, there are different ways we can use to prove that video games indeed are activities with many benefits. Many people are of the opinion that video games have the inclinations to make people more violent these days in the society. This is however very far from the truth because there are many factors in the environment that influences people’s behavior. The advantages and demerit of video games should be debated publicly, it is a well-known fact that people of today’s generation considers internet surfing and engaging themselves in playing video games as an integral part of their daily living. It will surprise you that there is a lot of advantage that comes with playing video games and not just to keep yourself distracted. A new method of teaching/ learning: Virtually every child comes in contact with video games especially in school during their study. These days, many educational institutions make use of video games as method/ tool of teaching. This is function optimally when used to enhance the academic skills of the child. There are quite a lot of video games made specifically for the enhancement of creative thinking and cognitive skills of the child. It brings about improvement in the hand to eyes coordination:  it has been agreed by the experts that those who engages in computer and video games usually possesses a better eye and hand coordination. Since the players need to move at fast paces with other warriors of the game. Both the adult and the children will find this to be very useful and can also use this skill in other undertakings that demand a very good hand to eye coordination/ harmonization. A solution for some Health Disorders: A lot of medical institutions make use of computer and video games for physiotherapy. These sorts of games allow people to make faster recovery from injuries. And can assist them to enhance their coordination and motor skills also. Nothing helps one overcome pains better than distractions, and basically nothing provides much fun as video games It boosts your creativity/ Imagination: There are limitless possibilities in the game world. Video games are filled with so many adventures that pushed your mind to think in an entirely different dimension. You will certainly be amazed to see much you can accomplish with your imagination/ creativity. Enhances your problem-solving skills: Computer games require one’s ability to solve problems, since you are the protagonist in the game, you need to possess good decision –making abilities. Many of the games will encourage the players to try harder levels with more difficult challenges along the way. In conclusion, there are both positive and negative impacts of playing computer games on both the individual and the larger community. There should be a limit to the extent at which we you play computer games as everything done is excess is not good in any way. Parents should make rules for their children on how often as well as the kinds of games they can play. Furthermore, video/ computer games are expensive entertainment and diversionary activity. Therefore parents must be very firm in teaching their children to make some savings for buying some of the video parts such as the console. Computer and video games shouldn’t be too expensive to play since companies producing/ developing games are constantly coming up with newer and video games of better quality since there is so much competition among them.


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My how things have changed in the world of video gaming. Seven-figure salaries and competitors gaining rock star status. Hordes of fans queue outside, eagerly awaiting a glimpse of their heroes. Inside, a shining trophy stands upon a pedestal. The players arrive, eyeing it covetously as they make their way to their positions. Suited pundits have had their say and hand over to the commentators. One team forms a pre-match huddle; the other waits patiently for the game to commence. A stirring light show ceases; a chanting crowd falls to an expectant hush. But this isn't the Champions League final. This isn't Wimbledon. This isn't the Super Bowl. Welcome to the World of eSports Welcome to the World of eSports A new game This is eSports, dubbed by data analytics service Newzoo as the "biggest thing to hit (the tech) industry since the launch of the iPhone in 2007." In South Korea, stadiums once used to host football matches at the 2002 FIFA World Cup are now frequently packed to capacity with eSports fans, looking on as a new generation of heroes wields keyboard and mouse.” You can read the entire article by clicking the button below.


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