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Research is confirming and giving credence to the fact that spending many hours plating game online truly enhances the performance of the brain, making an individual to be more effective in different activities, creativeness and decision making. Universities across the globe have been carrying out extensive researches that have so far established the myth that online game players have become lazy robots as they spend more time in the gaming world which was invented by the gaming industry as a very wrong assertion. As a matter of fact, findings from the research reveal many mind blowing facts such as: Experienced or veteran online game players have the unique ability to focus on more than six issues concurrently without becoming confused as against four issues/ things that every other person can normally focus on at the same time. A study was carried out on 491 children for a period of three years in the Michigan Middle schools. Ther results revealed that the more the kids occupy themselves in computer games, the better their performance in standard test of creativeness/ ingenuity not minding the their gender, race or even the kinds of computer games they played. This results is in sharp contrast to what is observed when they use the internet, cellphones, or the computer for any other reason, which shows no meaningful impact on their creativity this clearly shows that the difference is just because of the unique attributes that gaming has.  Online gaming also enhances hand to eye coordination in neurosurgeons. It brings about vision changes which enhances one’s ability to drive better at night It has also established that those that engage action-based computer and video games have the ability to make decisions by 25% faster  more than others who doesn’t play the games and they do so without losing accuracy Experienced / veteran game players have the ability to take decisions and take actions on those decisions for up to six times within one second,  this is already four times faster than what many other people can achieve. How Then Is Online Gaming Able To Achieve This? What is so special about online games that make them a great exercise for the human brain? Why and how are they able to enhance inventiveness, awareness and the decision making process? The answer is simply because of the process known as stress and reward which the brain o through especially when online game players focuses for many hours and  relish the excitement produced by the actions happening in the game. What then follows is a pleasant rush of neurotransmitters such as dopamine which gives strength to the neural circuits in the brain exactly the same manner that regular exercise helps in the building of the body’s muscles. Additional game hours perform in similar manner in the brain just like an extra session in the gym, hence leading to physical development of nerves needed for daily use of the brain. Puzzles vs Action It is quite interesting that the kind of games played in order to enjoy these benefits doesn’t really matter.  At the inception of many of the researches, it was assumed that the effects of games that are more violent in nature will be different from those games based on strategy or those with less violent features since different emotions as well as responses were assumed to part of the gaming process, however, the case turned out to be quite different.  All video and online games possess the same advantages; the vital point is the more thrilling the game is, and the player gets more immersed in the game, those advantages occurs more powerfully. The development you derived from playing Angry Birds is same as what you get from playing an online jigsaw puzzle, where you are competing against other opponents to finish the puzzled. The same benefits is derived in both so far the players in both games are engaged fully and get the thrills of success and gratification on completing the games.

How to save money

while getting your

online gaming fix

Online gaming equipment can cost a lot of money nowadays. Here’s how to save some bucks: How to save money while getting your online gaming fix. Money can come and go really quick these days, but here’s some tips that will keep more of it in your pockets. In the technology era, online gaming has matured into one of the most popular markets and fanatics now play games on a daily basis. Whether you’re a Red Flush Casino fan, a Call of Duty console aficionado or prefer to play Angry Birds and other mobile games on the move, online games are now more accessible and available than ever before. However, these can come at a price and we’ve tried to come up with a few ways to save money whilst purchasing the newest games. Please feel free to check out our tips below and hopefully you can save some money whilst still managing to play the biggest and best games on the market. Buy pre-owned games/gear Second-hand equipment may sound tacky but they can help to enhance your gaming experience and keep you entertained for hours. For example, some users prefer to communicate with fellow gamers via a headset whilst playing but some equipment can be expensive. You can read the entire article by clicking the button below.


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