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You most likely live in a rural area and you don’t have any access to DSL-fast-speed internet or cable, though you may have access to a satellite, or  probably you are fed up with your phone or cable companies and you are certainly not ready to pay them your hard -earned money again.  If any of the above aptly describes your situation, then Satellite TV could be the perfect solution to your problems. Click the following links for more information about satellite TV, Dish Network, and dishNet  Internet service. However, there is need for you to carry out a little test In order to decide if satellite is suitable for your needs. The answers to some of the very common questions about satellite services are provided below. How fast is access to satellite TV? Typically, Satellite service  provider offer several categories of service which has a  download speeds fluctuating  between 700 Kbps to 1.5 Mbps, the upload speeds  can get as high as 256 Kbps. However, you should note that these speeds are the optimum speeds provided and the typical speeds can be much slower especially during the peak hours. What does it cost? There are different prices at which one may access a satellite this wholly depends on the preferred service plan and the chosen service provider. Generally, the cost of a satellite is between $60 who subscribed to download speed of 700Kbs and about $80 per month for those whose download speed is up to 1.5Mbs. Furthermore, the cost of the equipment can be between $300- $400 and the installation can take another $200, though most times, the service providers usually offer special discounts for  equipment and the connection How does weather affect satellite access? Just as it is obtainable in satellite T.V, extreme rain or snow can hinder or disrupts your access to satellite internet. This can happen if there is poor weather both in your own house and at the network operation center of your satellite service provider. Despite the fact that bad weather can disrupt the connection, it is very common for satellite systems to be operating even when it is raining heavily.   Apart from the weather, how dependable is satellite access? Apart from the occasional service break down that is experienced as a result of poor weather conditions, satellite access is very dependable.  The equipment used outdoors is very strong and though it may breakdown once in a while, such incidences are rare occurrence. But, should I keep a dial-up connection "just in case of any eventuality?" Though the temptation to have a dial-up connection which is occasioned by the intricate technical nature associated with satellite connections is a very strong one, this is however not really necessary for many people. As earlier stated, satellite equipment is extremely strong and is hardly damaged., The problem of bad weather does not occur frequently. Nevertheless, if some sort of technical problems does develop, the repair men might not be able to get to your house till after some days. If this gives you concerns, then get a dial up connection for back- up, but be rest assured that you will hardly use it. What is the required equipment? Access to satellite needs two piece of equipment to be installed - on the outside, is the dish which collects as well as transmits signals from and to the satellite. Inside the house, there is a satellite modem which is linked to the dish through the coaxial cord. The modem can be connected with the aid of an Ethernet cable to networking equipment like router or to a P.C. Is there a need for continuous maintenance? While it is true that there is no complete or flawless system, nonetheless, there is no need for any sort of continuous maintenance. Though once in a long while, you might need to re-aim or re-peak your dish at the satellite.

Dish, the satellite TV

company, will now

come repair your

broken iPhone

In an effort to improve sagging satellite TV sales, Dish Network will now repair your cell phone. What eill they think of next. Dish is getting into smartphone repairs. The satellite provider has announced that beginning today, anyone in the United States can request an on-site screen fix or battery replacement, and Dish will send one of its technicians out to handle the job. For now, Dish is only repairing iPhones ranging from the 5 through the 6 Plus; older phones (and newer ones like the 6S) aren't yet part of the servicing program. But Dish will be adding more devices — including Android phones, hopefully — over the coming weeks and months. The company claims to use "high-quality replacement parts from respected third parties" for its repairs, and Dish's employees will go pretty much wherever is most convenient for you. You can read the entire article by clicking the button below.


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